Leader of the House

Hon. Nthomeng Majara

Historically, the senior most Minister, usually the Deputy Prime Minister, has been designated Minister responsible for Parliamentary Affairs and becomes the Leader of the House. The major role of the Leader of the House is to organise Government business and ensure it goes into the House. As a result, in terms of Standing Order No. 97, the Leader of the House is the Chairperson of the Business Committee. The Leader of the House is the liaison between the office of the Speaker and/or Parliament and the Cabinet; and performs the following functions: pilots Parliament budget in the House; responds to parliamentary questions which have been deferred three times due to inability or unavailability of a Minister to answer the question; and oversees the general welfare of the Members of Parliament.

The current Leader of the House is Hon. Nthomeng Majara, who assumed the position when he was elected Deputy Prime Minister in … 2022.